About Us


Hi,  I am Lynn Rice, the Designer of Together Designs, I am a mom of two beautiful girls, Nana to the cutest boy ever, and a wife to an amazing man that always supports me in all of my ventures. My purpose is to create "Together Time" living a life full of joy, and seeing the shine in all moments of life. Life gets busy I always take the time for my loved ones, we all need a little sparkle in our life.

When working on my designs it gives me great joy that I am creating my love of fashion

Together Designs is friendly, approachable, and affordable, with a wide selection to suit your personal style. Helping you find  "Your Go-To"  signature piece. When supporting my small business we will provide you with a personalized experience and the opportunity to talk with the designer to help you find the right piece to bring out your personality. 
My mom was a single mother with 10 children with 8 children at home when my dad passed. She had to make do with what she had to provide for us. My mom would lay us down on a newspaper and trace out a pattern to make us clothing, and she would get clothes that her neighbors didn’t want anymore. Growing up mom taught me to sew and make clothes for myself.

One of my favorite memories is when we made my daughter's first communion dress, with a  store-bought pattern for the first time, I remember Mom saying "I don't know if I can read a pattern". I love our Together Time! 

As I sew and design, I keep these memories close to my heart. I still find myself saying “Ok Mom, help me work through this”. I am so thankful for her continued guidance in my designs. 

Together Designs EST. 2013 

Lynn xo